Old TSoO blog posts

Bits of TSoO randomness I forgot I’d saved on my computer for the day I finally got a production blog. *mrgreen*

3:44 PM 8/31/2012
Realized today that I’d been drawing Octavia with her cello on any arbitrary side.  (So wrong! X) ) Now to set things straight. Good thing I’m only storyboarding now.

12:43 PM 9/1/2012
Realized I’d left certain clips from [REDACTED1] scene uncolored, as well as being arbitrary to when Octy does and doesn’t wear her signature bow tie. Fixed now, but gotta stay consistent!

5:39 PM 9/2/2012
Been tinkering with the idea of having Octy wear something during [REDACTED2].  It would set her apart from [REDACTED1] more than simply… not wearing anything. Heheh. So far I’ve tried doing en element-of-harmony-style tiara with a treble cleff at the top, but it looked funny.  I’ve considered having her wear a dress/coat/armor, but that would be harder to track and animate. Must try a smaller, more original tiara. Maybe something elfish-looking? Still, she is an earth pony…

On the other hand, maybe uploading these wasn’t the most useful. X)