TSoO – Costume Update

It dawned on me yesterday that there literally are NO canon pictures of Octavia standing on all fours.  (Thus, I have no idea how her hair lays when she’s not performing.)  I’ve been checking the fanon for ideas, although none of them are consistent. *chuckle* It’s tricky to stay consistent in my own art when no one else does either.

As the film is divided into telling a story through two different types of scenes, I decided that Octy definitely needs a separate outfit from her performance attire (ie. her bowtie) to make the distinction between scenes more pronounced.  So far I’ve tried a couple of different styles of outfits; one in particular drawing a lot of inspiration from Valhalla-Studios’ costume design for ‘End of Ponies’. (Link) In retrospect, she’s looking a lot like a Star Wars/LOTR/monk, though.

Enjoy the small teaser on one of the outfits over there to the right.

I’m thinking about goggles, now…


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