TSoO – More Costumes

octy costume sheet3

 Ah, finally a bigger update. 🙂

Presenting my latest costume drafts for TSoO; fresh off the press! (Well, the internet press. *nervous cough*)

I’m still refining ideas, but think I like the ole’ leggings-and-jacket look better than the… cloak/chaps. (Full cloaks were just shapeless, undynamic masses of color.)
Moreover, despite the fact that I do LOVE goggles, they hide her identity and facial expressions more than I need them to atm. (They also sit funny on her hair/hood, and I’m a lazy animator.) So I’m thinking of tossing the goggle idea for now.

Of course, I might respawn the goggles later in the short…. if I can get a scene to be expressive enough without facial expressions.

Or maybe I’ll try adding a cape to the later scenes.

On a side note, I’m on twitter, now too! *squee*

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