TSoO – Updates + Concept Art: ‘Sands of Sounds’

I’m back! (… I guess I should have mentioned that I was going to be inactive during January. Oops.)

Got some more concept art!

TSoO - Sands of Sounds

I tried doing the squared-off muzzle-look…. and I actually think I like it.  (It’s easier to map in comparison to the show-accurate pointed-nose-look, which I like, but I struggled with for an hour before deciding to try something else.) I also tinkered with the costume a bit, and I finally think I’ve settled on a final design. (I don’t get my goggles, but oh well.)

In other news, I think I’m either going to need to find another animator, or simply leave off animating this entirely if I keep adding atmospherics to the set. (Hair I can animate, but sand that actually looks like sand… is tricky when you’re animating it by hand. And hey look, I rhymed!)


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