TSoO – Updates + Concept Art: ‘Sands of Sounds’

I’m back! (… I guess I should have mentioned that I was going to be inactive during January. Oops.)

Got some more concept art!

TSoO - Sands of Sounds

I tried doing the squared-off muzzle-look…. and I actually think I like it.  (It’s easier to map in comparison to the show-accurate pointed-nose-look, which I like, but I struggled with for an hour before deciding to try something else.) I also tinkered with the costume a bit, and I finally think I’ve settled on a final design. (I don’t get my goggles, but oh well.)

In other news, I think I’m either going to need to find another animator, or simply leave off animating this entirely if I keep adding atmospherics to the set. (Hair I can animate, but sand that actually looks like sand… is tricky when you’re animating it by hand. And hey look, I rhymed!)


TSoO – More Costumes

octy costume sheet3

 Ah, finally a bigger update. 🙂

Presenting my latest costume drafts for TSoO; fresh off the press! (Well, the internet press. *nervous cough*)

I’m still refining ideas, but think I like the ole’ leggings-and-jacket look better than the… cloak/chaps. (Full cloaks were just shapeless, undynamic masses of color.)
Moreover, despite the fact that I do LOVE goggles, they hide her identity and facial expressions more than I need them to atm. (They also sit funny on her hair/hood, and I’m a lazy animator.) So I’m thinking of tossing the goggle idea for now.

Of course, I might respawn the goggles later in the short…. if I can get a scene to be expressive enough without facial expressions.

Or maybe I’ll try adding a cape to the later scenes.

On a side note, I’m on twitter, now too! *squee*

TSoO – Costume Update

It dawned on me yesterday that there literally are NO canon pictures of Octavia standing on all fours.  (Thus, I have no idea how her hair lays when she’s not performing.)  I’ve been checking the fanon for ideas, although none of them are consistent. *chuckle* It’s tricky to stay consistent in my own art when no one else does either.

As the film is divided into telling a story through two different types of scenes, I decided that Octy definitely needs a separate outfit from her performance attire (ie. her bowtie) to make the distinction between scenes more pronounced.  So far I’ve tried a couple of different styles of outfits; one in particular drawing a lot of inspiration from Valhalla-Studios’ costume design for ‘End of Ponies’. (Link) In retrospect, she’s looking a lot like a Star Wars/LOTR/monk, though.

Enjoy the small teaser on one of the outfits over there to the right.

I’m thinking about goggles, now…

The Story of Octavia 2.0

More concept art! (I think sitting back and studying for a few months has done me some good.)

I know she doesn’t quite have a ‘flowing mane as black as night’ here.

I blame the sand storm for that.